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Since 2018, Tax Guy, LLC has been providing trusted accounting services that meet a wide range of personal and business needs to its clients in the Carolinas. Founder and Owner, Justin Phillips  started preparing taxes when he became frustrated with the exorbitant fees his former tax preparer was charging himself and other low-income members in the local community.

After attending tax school and preparing his mother's taxes, he knew this was something he could grow to love. The following year his mother re-hired him and that was when the word begin to spread. It was not long until Tax Guy, LLC was born.

When he isn't poring over the tax laws, Justin is working on this PhD and teaching United States and World History in North Carolina where he currently resides with his daughter.


I met Justin through a friend and right from the start he was very professional and was able to answer all my tax questions. I highly recommend the TaxGuy for all your tax needs.

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Anonymous- Feb. 2021

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